Postage stamps of Democratic Republic of Vietnam 1946-1976


Postage stamps of Democratic Republic of Vietnam (from 02 Sept. 1946 - 24 June 1976) and Postage stamps of Socialist Republic of Vietnam (from 24 June 1976 - up to now) small_118

On 2 Sept. 1946, marking the first National Day of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Postal Administration of Vietnam issued the stamp-set featuring the President Ho Chi Minh's portrait consisting of 5 values. This is the first stamp-set designed and printed by Vietnamese. The issuance of this stamp-set has ushered in a new era for the independent development of Vietnamese Postage Stamps. 

On 2 July 1976, the first session of the unified National Assembly decided to change the name of the country into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Since then, stamps of thesmall_119 Provisional Revolutionary Government of Republic of South Vietnam (circulated in the liberated zones of South Vietnam) and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (circulated in North Vietnam) have been merged into postage stamps of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with the inscription "VIET NAM" which are circulated throughout Vietnam.

Up to 31 Aug. 2005, Vietnam Postal Administration had issued 941 stampsets consisting of 3384 values and 148 blocks.